FreeTextBox 3.2 Documentation
IsRichCapable Method (context)
Static function to determine if the client's browser is capable of displaying the rich editor.
Declaration Syntax
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                  public static bool IsRichCapable(
	HttpContext context
                  Public Shared Function IsRichCapable ( _
	context As HttpContext _
) As Boolean
static bool IsRichCapable(
	HttpContext^ context
context (HttpContext)

[Missing <param name="context"/> documentation for "M:FreeTextBoxControls.FreeTextBox.IsRichCapable(System.Web.HttpContext)"]

Return Value

[Missing <returns> documentation for M:FreeTextBoxControls.FreeTextBox.IsRichCapable(System.Web.HttpContext)]

Assembly: FreeTextBox (Module: FreeTextBox) Version: