Feature Comparison
Browsers Free Pro
Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 yes yes
Mozilla/Firefox yes yes
Opera yes yes
Apple Safari yes yes
Google Chrome yes yes
Features Free Pro
Builtin Image Gallery yes yes
Internal resources yes yes
Complete JavaScript API yes yes
Office 2003, XP, 200, Mac buttons yes yes
Style Sheet Support yes yes
Style Editor yes
Downlevel support yes yes
Server-side XHTML Conversion yes
Mono support yes yes
DropDownLists Free Pro
Font ForeColors Menu yes yes
Font Faces Menu yes yes
Font BackColors Menu yes yes
InsertHtml Menu yes yes
Paragraph Menu yes yes
Font Sizes Menu yes yes
Styles Menu yes yes
Symbols Menu yes yes
Buttons Free Pro
Basic Insert Link yes yes
Rich Insert Link yes
Bold yes yes
Bulleted List yes yes
Copy yes yes
Create Link yes yes
Cut yes yes
Delete yes yes
Delete Table Column yes
Delete Table Row yes
Edit Style yes
Edit Table yes
Font Back Color Picker yes
Font Fore Color Picker yes
IE SpellCheck yes yes
Indent yes yes
Insert Button yes
Insert CheckBox yes
Insert Date yes yes
Insert Div yes
Insert DropDownList yes
Insert Form yes
Insert Image yes yes
Insert Image From Gallery yes yes
Insert RadioButton yes
Insert Rule yes yes
Insert Table yes yes
Insert Table Column After yes
Insert Table Column Before yes
Insert Table Row After yes
Insert Table Row Before yes
Insert TextArea yes
Insert TextBox yes
Insert Time yes yes
Italic yes yes
Justify Center yes yes
Justify Full yes yes
Justify Left yes yes
Justify Right yes yes
NetSpell yes yes
Numbered List yes yes
Outdent yes yes
Paste yes yes
Preview yes yes
Print yes yes
Redo yes yes
Remove All Formatting yes yes
Save yes yes
Select All yes yes
StrikeThrough yes yes
SubScript yes yes
SuperScript yes yes
Underline yes yes
Undo yes yes
Unlink yes yes
Word Clean yes

Free vs. Pro?

The free version of FreeTextBox enables users to do basic HTML editing in a WYSIWYG environment with a look and feel similar to desktop products.

Additional features of FreeTextBox can be unlocked by purchasing a Professional License. Professional features will function with the license installed or when using FreeTextBox on a development machine through http://localhost/. See the table below for a list of features included in the Free and Professional versions of FreeTextBox.